Managing Your Thoughts and Emotions

Thought is associated with the mind and therefore plays on our emotions, which in turn influence our behaviour. Thoughts are influenced by the conscious and unconscious information that we have accepted as true from our life experiences. These beliefs influence our minds and form the basis for our behaviour patterns and ethics.

Thinking was designed originally to help us find solutions to a problem and the mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Used wrongly, it becomes very destructive. – Eckhart Tolle

The way you think about aspects or challenges of your current life or past experiences can move you from healthy, normal distress to problematic psychological disturbance.

People are not easily convinced that what they believe, are incorrect unless they are ready for change or to awaken.

depress 2

The average person has over 60,000 thoughts a day.

Over 80% of these thoughts are negative!

Research shows that 75-98% of mental, physical and behavioral illnesses come from our thought life. We are constantly reacting to circumstances and events, and as this cycle goes on, our brain’s become shaped by the process in either a positive, good-quality-of-life direction or a negative, toxic, poor-quality-of-life. It is the quality of our thinking and choices and reactions that determine our brain architecture and resultant quality of the health of our spirit soul and body. (Dr. Caroline Leaf)

Human behaviour is mostly influenced by thinking and thought patterns. It is fascinating to see how two or more individuals can look at the same issue or event and think differently about it.

Thoughts Create Reality

Everything created by man came from someone’s thinking. If you look around your home your office or school, every concrete thing you see was first conceived as a thought – the chairs, the windows, the flower vase, the electronic devices – everything first appeared in someone’s thought! Likewise, negative behavoiur and actions exhibited by individuals first appear in their thoughts. These are called negative thoughts.

Negative Thoughts create negative outcomes both internally and externally.

The Workshops are designed to help participants examine their core beliefs, discover faulty mindset and thinking patterns, work to make positive changes that will help them live a better fulfilling life at any life circumstance.

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