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Philomena Ugbor, B.Sc, M.Sc. Dip.C, was a lecturer and a Senior Research Scientist for many years.  Philomena has worked as a consultant (Human Development Expert), with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, (UNIDO) at which time she travelled to various countries along the Gulf of Guinea. In the process of her missions, she realised that her passion was ultimately to equip people with the knowledge and skills to discover who they really are and their true potential in life. She enrolled for a post graduate diploma in counselling and became a certified counsellor. Her aim is that people understand themselves, take control of themselves and their lives, and be positively creative, motivated, energized, and live happy, fulfilled lives.

Having traveled, worked, and lived in several countries, and with  3 decades of experience as an active member of the United Nation’s Women’s Guild, in Vienna, Dar es Salaam, and New York, Philomena saw the needs of women and families in transition. She co-wrote resource guides for women and children living in Vienna and has facilitated lectures, and workshops on Pre-marital and Marital Issues, Self-awareness, Self development, Cultural transitioning, Raising multicultural children, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communication styles, Stress management, Transforming Anxiety and Depression, and much more. Through a mixture of practical tools, personal reflections and proven research, her lectures and workshops have always been a great success and have had very positive feedbacks. Philomena has also instructed children in International Schools on Christian Religious Education and holds workshops in relation to Christian Counselling.

Philomena has been a great source of help and strength to all those who one time or the other have consulted her. Her counselling is based on natural healing, and self-awareness. She strongly believes that we can create our reality and that faulty thinking patterns, emotions and behaviour can affect our wellbeing and lead to unnecessary ill health and distress.

Philomena currently lives in Vienna, Austria with her husband. She has 4 children, 1 daughter-in-law, 2 sons-inlaw and 7 gorgeous grandchildren.

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Philomena Ugbor is an approved Counsellor of The Institute of Natural Healing,U.K. and a registered member of Blackford Centre for Counselling, U.K.

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