Here is what others have said about Oasis and Bloom:

“I believe we, as individuals, can change the world by first understanding ourselves!” – Jacqueline (Expanding Awareness Workshop attendee)

Testimonies 4


“This is a great topic!”- Eileen (Expanding Awareness Workshop attendee)

“This should be opened up more for others to attend! More people should listen to the topic.” – Lissy

Testimonies 3

“Thank you very much. It was very informative and insightful.” – Monica

Testimonies 2


“An eye opener!!!” – Ida

“This workshop has made me begin to think.” – Lemlem

“I have gained so much on how to view myself and think positively about myself. Great presentation!” – Ruth

Testimonies 1

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2 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. May I say that I found worthy inspiration from your blog. I read it from your website while I was at the hospital. Great article which I have shared with some colleagues.
    Please keep writing, it’s very soothing and sobering. There are powers in your words. – Raphael

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